So some of my awesome friends draw manga. For those of you who don't know what manga is-"A Japenese collection of cartoons" Manga is so much fun to draw because the worlds that their comics are in are purely amazing. They have weapons that come out of their body at the touch of a place of skin and so on and so forth. I have always liked Manga but never knew how to draw it, but with the internet and my friend's help I have been able to produce something I actually like :)
These are my first two heads, they took a good amount of time to perfect. The guys hair is like uneven one side though.
I am so happy with how Annalise turned out :) I am really bad at drawing people's bodies, but she turned out great. 
Well Manga is pretty awesome and I would encourage you to try it out! :D
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  1. You're really good at these! They're so cute!



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