Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness

So this post is about life in general and it is also about how I have changed my template and rearranged things. I was getting tired of my posts and pictures being resized so I decided to fix it :) I like this one because it is *blue*! and just overall happy and not too silly or pink or things of that nature. I also changed my music selection up, because the other stuff was getting old :P And the last is my way of pursuing happiness, by drawing. :) I also have been drawing so much more manga. Some of these take a little explaining but yes they provide me with much enjoyment :) I also have figured out that I can't draw and multitask which really stinks :P If you click on the pictures they will get larger, since I didn't want to make them too big.
So I used to read these books by Enid Blyton, who is an English author (I actually still read the books even though they are for kids but...) and this is one of the pixies who protects the kids in the books (The Faraway Tree Stories) and I decided I would draw him all macho and pixie tough :)  

So this girl I am drawing from this link. So if you want to see what the original looks like,  look at it. 

Hahaha so I was trying to draw some really funky eyes and they turned out horribly wrong, (on the right) and so I thought "Hey! That must be what Ke$ha looks like after a Friday!" and so I remade her (on the left) into Ke$ha, complete with her toothbrush and bottle of Jack :)

This is Ke$ha's necklace magnified. I found it on an etsy shop and thought it would great on someone's neck. The words are latin and mean "You all see the moon in the night."

Hehe I love this guy! :D His name is Ken'ichi which means strong in Japenese. He was much fun to draw :)  As you can see he is very strong and loves to work out in the gym :)

And this is a girl I drew from this link. She was fun to draw, and it was especially to improvise her from the picture :)
Sorry for all of my rambling on characters and such :) I just loveeee <3 manga. :)

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  1. Your really good at manga! These pictures are so cute. Also, I love your new design!



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