And Ode to My Lightboard

Ah my little lightboard
How much I adore thee,
I giggle with delight 
every time I see you,
Another day with Lightboard? 
Can it really be true?
The things you control
Literally "light up my life,"
Even if their not perfect, 
You'll always be in my eyes
Skinny, long, and gray
You make my day happy,
Your little knobs listen to my every word, 
More than my big ol' dog,
And every time I spend time with you, 
I feel like jumping for joy,
Everything I tell you
you do with great delight,
Even if their hard,
There's never a complaint in site,
Oh my little lightboard
I'll love you forever more,
Even when I'm old and gray,
And your replaced
To loving you I swore and to that there's no mistake.

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