A Generation Overshadowed by Technology: Will you Rebel?

My generation. The generation proficient in text terms like "lol" and "ttyl". The generation who has lost the love of books, music and art. The generation who lives inside glued to a light streaming out of a piece of plastic. The generation who doesn't experience the wonders of the outside. The generation who has lost a part of them to technology. 

Why has this happened? We can't just blame technology for this, though it is a large problem in society. But what is to blame is that America is not Christian anymore. There I said it. Once upon a time America was a very prosperous nation solidly founded on biblical principles but now, now just look around. Magazines highlight immoral lives and consequences of a night on the town. Music features relationship after relationship often with immorality read between the lines. TV and movies showcase reality shows that really aren't reality and happy endings achieved thorough lying, disobeying and hating (I'm sorry Disney fans). 

With all these different things clamoring for out attention day in and day out, how do we listen to what God is trying to tell us? How do we hear the birds sweet singing and the soft rustle of the trees? How do we understand ourselves and what we believe without looking within ourselves? 

This has got me thinking. It's time to change. It's time to rebel against our generation. It's time to put the phone away, close the computer and turn off the TV. It's time to sit outside, read a book and listen, just listen to the wonders of nature. The poets in the Romanticism period stressed the idea that God is found in nature. Nature is the visual manifestation of God's handiwork and wonderful design. It's time to write poetry, think up a story, draw a picture, play some music, spend time with sweet friends,  and listen to God's voice and seek Him out. 

For the next week, starting on Monday the 21st, I'm cutting out everything electronic. This means:

  • No Facebook-Not even any notifications on my phone to tempt me
  • No Email-Except school emails and other important communications
  • No Texts or Calls etc-Unless it is an emergency or someone has to get ahold of me
  • No TV-None whatsoever. 
  • No Music-Except classical music like the Hobbit Soundtrack
  • No Computer-Except for school 

It sounds like I'm grounding myself, but in all honesty, I'm freeing my mind to think and wander. I may be cutting things out but I am going to gain oh so much. I hope to:

  • Write some poetry
  • Journal my feelings on this experience 
  • Seek the Lord in nature
  • Read some wonderful books 
  • Do some art
  • Seek the Lord in Scripture 
  • Listen to the Lord's Voice
  • Write letters to friends I have not seen for a while
  • Skype with those faraway who I cannot see and spend time with
  • Take some beautiful pictures 
Will you join me? Will you put away the electronics and experience nature? Will you hear God's voice? 

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