A New Blog!

I have been thinking about getting a blogspot blog for a while. The iWeb one was great, but I wasn't able to get enough people to see my blog, which I think blogspot will give me. This will also be a lot easier to post on which will be wonderful. :) Picture taking has gone well lately. I watched a baby yesterday and took tons of pictures of her so they should be up soon. On the right side of my blog you can watch my slideshow with most of my good pictures in it. I also am going to start having a photo of the week. And this week's photo is The Eiffel Tower! I have been taking French this year online and absolutely loving it and every month in French class we have to do a cultural project and this month we are supposed to go to a French CafĂ© or make something French. A group of us from French class (We are in different classes but have the same cultural event.) are getting together to bake the Reine de Saba, which is a Chocolate-Almond cake with no flour in it. It is to DIE for. It is somewhat hard to make but it is completely worth it in the end. I'll post pictures of it soon so you can drool your heart out ;)
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