The Crushes of Friday

Friday-The day school ends.
Friday-The day for slacking off and doing nothing (but saving everything for the weekend).
Friday-The beginning of the weekend.
Friday-The day of happiness and joy.
Friday-The day for watching movies and eating chocolate.

Fridays for me have always been amazing. The problem is I tend to not want to do school on Friday since the weekend is oh so close! Every week that happens and I am stuck doing it on Sunday. But on to the lovely things I love.

Our foster puppy, Molly. She is a 10 week pointer mix that our friends found in a park. They put up signs and everything but no one claimed her. We took her in and she has been so amazing and adorable (besides when she pees on the floor :P ).

One thing I have really been loving lately is my camelbak water bottle. Even if you drop this thing or tip it the water will not come out! It is genius! I always hated having to be remarkably careful with other water bottles otherwise you would have a great mess to clean up. But these, these are amazing. Another awesome thing is that you don't have to tilt it to get water into your mouth. You bite the straw thing and suck. 

I'm also digging my new shoes. I have always loved the Puma brand and I had a pair that I absolutely loved but they are almost too small, and I needed new shoes anyway so I thought it would make sense to buy a pair of Pumas. 
For all of you Apple/ipod lovers I would encourage you to get the pocket frogs app. Basically you have tons of frogs and you can breed them to make new kinds, let them jump around in the the pond and earn you prizes, or race them. But I warn you! This is extremely addicting! I have probably spent an hour and a half on it today :/ 
Thanks to Carlotta at Pastor's Girl's Ponderings for this idea! 

Onto other things. LEM is holding a photo contest for reflections. About a month ago I was in Wilmington with my mother and I had just gotten Tyler (my Canon Rebel t2i) and I saw a puddle. In this puddle was a magical reflection of a tree and purpley-blusih sky. I thought to myself that it would make for an amazing picture, so here it is. :)

And I literally just found out I got Superior in a violin competition! Today has been a good Friday :) 
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  1. I bet one or both of your parents had Pumas when they were your age (or younger). :-)

  2. Very cool reflection...thanks for linking up!

  3. My 10 year old daughter, Angela wants to get the frog pocket app. on her IPOD TOUCH. How does she do that? Is is called, "Frog Pocket"

    Mrs. Shilling


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