Can you guess?

So I was having some fun at my friend's house the other day and I got some awesome pictures, but can you guess what they are of??

Still no clue?
You should be able to figure it out from this :) It is a cymbal on her drum set.
Don't you love Bronwyn's necklace?? It is so beautiful :)
We also smelled the beautiful flowers that smell like fish. They are NASTY! But they make for a good picture.
Those trees are soooo awesome! They have so many branches and make a picture look really rustic.
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  1. Those cymbal pictures are so cool! I LOVE that necklace, too- super cute!

  2. You take epic pics :)

  3. Hahaha I never would have guessed that was a symbol! :P Oh well...

    your blog is super duper cute. :)I'm really really lovin' it.


  4. @ ♥Bleah♥Briann♥ I do believe you meant to say cymbol. All things in life are symbols ;)
    But I do have to agree, those are some amazing pictures!


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