Freshman: Fresh out of my comfort zone

Coming into college I (naïvely) expected everything to be rainbows, butterflies and every good thing. I thought I would meet a bestie during my first week, get to know all these amazing people, hang out in big groups of friends and laugh, and overall have the best time of my life. So far, none of that has been on point. Yes, I have met some friends and have spent time with them. But more often than not, I am looking around for someone to talk to who won't just respond to my questions, but will return them and be equally outgoing. Things are even harder as a commuter. Most of the people on campus have had at least a week to cultivate friendships with their suitemates, hallmates and roomates. Whereas, I am coming in with a few high school friends, but no 'college' friends at this giant school. Coming home every night, I feel like I'm leaving one world to enter the next. Yet again I am living another sort of 'double life'. It has only been two days of school, and I know the next few weeks will bring more relationships to light, but I can't help feeling discouraged at my luck thus far.

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