Posh my darling, quite posh.

I'm sitting here with a finger sandwich in one hand, and a steamy mug of tea in the other. I sound so posh and british. Something about tea though, it puts me in the British mindset. It makes me want to write a book like C.S. Lewis, figure out love like Jane Austen, or act like Shakespeare. With my Mum being English I've always had a love for anything British (even though Lewis calls the English people "the most deplorable milksops"). Everything from the pattern on their flag, to their sayings, to their literature I absolutely love.  Seeing a wall that was built in A.D. 100, a castle that housed a duke and his duchess, and jewels as old as the country itself gives me such a thrill. To know that my heritage is found on an island chock full and brimming over with history makes me proud that I have british blood in me. Even though I don't have an accent, I'm English/Scottish by heart :)

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