30 days of journaling-Day 1-All about me

On Instagram one of the people I follow posted a 30 day journaling project where each day you journal about something different. I've been wanting to journal more, so I thought this was the perfect opportunity. I didn't think I would post it on my blog, but I've been wanting to blog more so this was the perfect opportunity to do so. I don't edit this after I write it in my journals so forgive some of the rambling sentences and such :)
Day 1- All About Me
The thing that most embodies myself is my Savior Christ. I don't believe in a religion, but a relationship. Every day I draw strength off of Christ and look to Him for guidance. I'm known as the redheadedpenguin to my friends and family as I'm a red head, who has an abnormal love for penguins. Reading is one of my favorite activities and whenever I can I'm reading something, wheteher it be a book, a magazine, nutrition facts or the back of a windex bottle. My other hobbies include photography which allows me to express myself creatively, lights video and audio which allow me to express myself technologically, and science which allows me to express myself intellectually. I enjoy being well-rounded as it allows me to do different things and always keeps people guessing about me. I dream of earning my Ph. D in genetics and one day marrying if God bring someone special into my life. Some things that make me happy are- chocolate, friends, sharpies, duct tape, toms, macs, Scotland, tea, moleskines, and silver jewelry. Some things that make me tick are- being left out, people singing along to music on the radio and messing up the lyrics, country music, windows computers, and the scientists who think evolution is the only way the would could be created. Another interesting fact about myself is that I am introverted, but extroverted. There are some days when I just want to be left alone to my music, books, or whatever, but other days I yearn for fellowship with friends. In short that's me. It's really hard to write about yourself without sounding narcisstic, but it's a good practice since I have to write about myself a lot on college applications. I probably should have written this first, but I am 15, homeschooled, and a senior in highschool this year.
That's me! :)

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  1. Very fun post.

    Great pic.

    We need a tea/coffee date.

    1. Thanks! :) I'd love that! Are you free in the next two weeks?

  2. SAME! Woah! I'm an introverted/extrovert! Makes me feel happy that I'm not alone :) And you're really pretty! :)
    Kimmy x

    1. Oh that's so cool! Yeah I don't know many people who are like me in that area. Thanks! :)


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