This is an idea from this post. They say you can tell a lot about a person from their texts. All you do is just post some of the funny random texts you receive from people and boy do I receive some haha.

"There are people shorter"

"Good point maybe you lost a tooth and had money from the tooth fairy"

"Or you might wake up and be in dunkin donuts or something, that would be scary but then you could get some food"

"Are you being a rebel Emma?"

"Hum de dum...IM RACKING MY BRAIN"


"I'm reading house of the scorpions."

"We just needed someone to balance out all the liberalness"

"Floating swagtastic house"

"Welcome to the internet sister"

"Hahaha tell it to shaddup because I said so"

"I hit like 15 last time I attempted to play"

"You seen the educated fish one?"

"At least it will be a nice day to be toast"

"You can't say things like hon, bless their hearts, bud, y'all, sweet pea. You know"

"Need flames! They'll make it go faster!"

I will withhold names but you guys will know who you are haha. On a side note, this is the 102nd post! I forgot to post for the 100th :D
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  1. What are YOU TALKIN bout?

  2. Hey Emma,
    I love your blog! And I love the way my mouse cursor comes up as a little penguin, it is SO cute!
    Keep up with the fantastic work!


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