Cupcakes :)

So Jocee over at Cupcake Dictionary is having a contest in which you need to take a picture of a cupcake. So, my friend and I decided to get together and make them. We had some issues with the icing, some of them tasted NASTY! But we had lots of fun with making them. FYI if you want to look like you are bleeding just put red food coloring on you hand...It stays for a long time :P Here is the picture I am entering into the contest.
I <3 Cupcakes! :D

My friend Madi is entering this photo into the contest. She is so creative :)

I love how you can see the other pics in the background. 
I liked how the angle of this one turned out, but it also turned out grainy because I didn't have my camera.

I like the crazy spikes of this pic :)
Are you hungry yet?? ;)
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  1. Thank you soo much!! I LOVE the pictures!! They're better than anything I could take, and I love the way the icing looks. Thank you thank you thank you for entering into the contest!!
    -Jocee <3


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