Scotland | 2012

In one month I will be off to Scotland on a mission trip with my mom, one of our dear friends, and two teenage boys. In Scotland we will be working with a tennis club about an hour from Edinburgh and also in a town about that same distance away. We are really looking forward to what the Lord is going to work in our lives, and are super excited about this opportunity we have :) This is something I wrote to our team a couple of days ago, and I think it reflects all of our excitement.

{ In 1 month we will be cruising into the bonny land of Scotland. As we look out the windows of the airplane our eyes will light up with delight at the coming future.The great, green land will stretch out before us like a never-ending dream, but this dream is our reality, it is what we have worked so hard for.  Finally we will be there, the place where all of our hard work, discipline, and training will culminate. We will be at the hands of God. He will lead us where He wills and in every situation we will demonstrate, kindness, grace, mercy and love because we will be shepherded by God. Even if somethings go wrong, we will be in the hand of our Savior where nothing can harm us. }

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  1. Awesome! Lucky you :) By the way, could you tell me how you were able to change the curser when people come on their page?


  2. :) I think I just searched how to put a cursor on a blog and then pasted the code into an html snippet and then it worked! :)


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