Ok. So when One Direction came out I was determined not to become a fangirl and be like a lot of girls were with Justin Bieber. For like 4 months I was like "psh these dudes aren't that good, they're just another boy band which will fade soon enough." I believed all of this without hearing their music besides "What Makes You Beautiful" which was pretty good, but I was still skeptical of them. One day I looked them up on spotify to try to figure them out and boy was I surprised! They are actually really good and have some really catchy songs. I liked every one of their songs. I never ever like every song from a band. Like ever. So today I went and bought their CD from Target and boy am I loving it. It's beautiful. Anyways, I thought I just had to tell you guys that because I was so amazed at myself! :) I'm trying not to get attached to them too much, but they are quite attractive ;)

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  1. hahaha, Emma, I must also confess. I was cleaning the school room and I wanted to look them up on youtube. Well, you can listen to there CD on youtube....and well I sat for an hour cleaning and listening to there music, and it was really good. Not bad at all!


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