Duke TIP West Term 1 2011

Oh my goodness...How should I even begin to describe these amazing 3 weeks?

This program is called Duke TIP and it is for kids gifted in the academic aspect of things. Every year Duke holds 2 camps at its campus'. These camps are 3 weeks long and fit a whole year of college work into 3 weeks. There are such subjects like Robotics, Biology of Cancer, Anatomy, Forensics and many others. For 3 weeks the 200+ students study 7 hours a day and spend time together in the evenings and weekends. That's TIP summer camp in a nutshell :)

Here are some of my highlights of these amazing three weeks.

One of the TIP traditions is Wear a Skirt Wednesday. So all the guys borrow skirts from the girls and the girls borrow basketball shorts from the guys. This is a guy (believe it or not) :)

One big thing at TIP is the amazing dances. We have dances for 2 hours in Kilgo quad and you can feel the music vibrating in the air its so loud. Every dance Sean and JD have a dance battle and this is one of them. 

These are two of my really good friends from camp (Patricia-R Courtney-L) They were both in my class and we had lots of fun throughout the two weeks :)

Here is another picture from cross dress day. These are some of my friends decked out in guy clothes :)

This is my RC group (Residential group) And we had so much fun and memories with each other. The top right was our RC (Residential Counselor) Tara she told us bedtime stories at night when we were late :)

These 3 weeks were definitely the most amazing in my life. I never knew I could become so connected to a place and so many people within such a short time. These memories will never leave me and I trust that I will always keep in touch with my TIP friends. 

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  1. Wow!! It looks like you had a great time!! A whole year in 3 weeks :o You must be like super clever!!!
    Much Love xxx

  2. So yeah I found this through a Google search for Duke TIP.
    -DJ Hatteras


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