Bucket List

Due to (its never to late to) wear red shoes post, I have been inspired to make a bucket list, ie: things to do before I die :)

  1. Ride in a hot air balloon.
  2. Drive on the Autoban in Germany.
  3. Visit Paris and speak french to french people.
  4. Participate in a successful flash mob.
  5. Meet Rhett and Link in person.
  6. Use an electron microscope.
  7. Go and look in one of the giant telescope and gaze at stars for a whole night.
  8. Stay up all night long.
  9. Dance all night long.
  10. Go snorkeling.
  11. Go scuba diving.
  12. Go skiing.
  13. Program lights for a whole play. 
  14. Buy a french baguette and french cheese in Paris.
  15. Try truffles.
  16. Go to a midnight showing. 
Its really sad that I sit down to think up these things and I can't think up any good ones! Oh well, I will probably figure out tons more as soon as I post this post :)

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