Guest posts!

So as I am getting ready to go to Duke university for three weeks, I have prepared some awesome posts for you :) Two of my friends (there was a third but he is leaving to work at boy scout camp) were willing to write for me while I was gone. Let me introduce them-

I have known Katelyn Soderlund for about a year now and she is an amazing photographer, great friend, and God loving girl. Photography is one of her awesome hobbies and she has a blog here. She is going to write "Thinking out of the Box" all about lighting, angles, DOP and editing. It is going to be a great post, and especially great because Katelyn is writing it :)

Meredith Mahlum and I got to know each other last year when we went on a mission trip to Scotland together. It was the best time ever :) We had so much fun. Meredith has a heart for the Lord and she just loves serving Him in any way she can. Sadly Meredith doesn't have a blog, but now she is able to write on mine :) In 2 weeks she is going away to our church's summer camp and she is going to write a post about what she learned there which is awesome since I have to miss camp to go to Duke :)

Well I hope you enjoy their posts and I am looking forward to reading them too :) 
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