If you ever want to come to Scotland, bring a rain coat and waterproof stuff. One minute it is pouring rain, the next the sun is shining and the birds are singing and the cycle goes over and over again because of the windiness of Scotland. But guess what rain and sun make? RAINBOWS!!! So far I think I have seen a total of 6 rainbows? And for the first time I saw a DOUBLE RAINBOW! It was an amazing experience :)

Here are some more photos from the trip so far, I even got to take pictures of peacocks which was immense fun :) Especially chasing them into the forest hehe.

It is sooo windy in Scotland.

It pooped.
Love this one 

I caught the sun before it went down :)

Clouds are amazing.

Lighthouses make any picture look amazing :)

That blue is soooo amazing! 


My awesome cousin :)

Well tomorrow we are off to Hadrian's wall and then we have the bomber group reunion!

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  1. Oooh, that rainbow is amazing! Gorgeous photos. :)

  2. You sure have taken a lot of beautiful pics there at Scotland, Emma =) Love your photographs!


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