Happiness :)

Wow. I forgot how much I love Scotland, and with a camera in hand I love it even more.

I love the bright blue waters, and blustery days in which your hat flies off your head.

I love palm trees in a place where there are no beaches and certainly not the weather suitable for a beach (54 degrees Farenheit)

I love the fact that I can zoom in onto a bird in flight and get a good picture of it.

I love seaweed that is strewn everywhere on the beach with many different colored rocks and shells.

I love cars with license plates in which you can make phrases out of.
(For Your Information Idiots With Much Zest)

I love windows that look like rainbows and are amazingly beautiful.

I love grass that is always perfectly cut and feels like a soft cloud.

I love tartans and bagpipes that invade the air with beautiful music.

I love thistles and the fact that Scottish people put them on anything that they can find.

I love sunflare and British flags.

I love that beautiful clocks are on everything and they even give you real numbers to look at instead of Roman Numerals.

I love a place that puts a unicorn on a prominent place on a pole. You can't get much better than that.

I love the beautiful Scottish Architecture :)

Tomorrow I am off to the Isle of Skye where more photos await me :)
(If you want to see more of my pictures check out this link.

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