Man up.

I think the art of manliness has been lost in the American society today. Not the "ohhh I'm manly because I can lift this dumbell"man, but the gentlemen found in Jane Austen's time. The men like Mr. Darcy who own up to their faults, pursue their chosen women with every fiber of their being, and ultimately worship a high and mighty God. 

Today, so many boys (not men because they don't act like men) chase after flighty, squealing, flirty girls. While the girl who spends more time in the Word rather than on her face sits in the background unnoticed by these immature boys. Godly girls like this always compliment the few guys who are actually gentlemanly, but these girls never get complimented themselves even though they patiently wait and watch for the right guy to pursue them.

Waiting is hard. I'm realizing that now as I wait to see what college I go to. The same applies to guys. Girls I've known for a long time have been in and out of relationships but I choose to wait. I don't want to be immature about dating, I don't want to have a relationship that is summed up perfectly by a Taylor Swift song and I really don't want to date more than one person. Ultimately, this is a hard road to follow, but I'm sure that in the end I will look back and see the wisdom in my decision to wait. 

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  1. Dear Emma, Hello there my old friend! I don't know if you remember me from the Springs but here I am! The art of being a man is not lost. Have no fear of that . They are looking scarce because they don't seem to be acting as loud as other men. On the other side, young women who live godly lives are also not extinct but they are also looking scarce as well.
    We can find hope in God and in our mutual existence.
    Also, if you are not able to see any men around you look at both your fathers for encouragement.
    Unless you already are into this thing... I hope you have a great day!
    (and to paraphrase the president of the U.S.) Don't Forget To Be Awesome!


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