Being in the blogging world full of artists, artsy and just overall all creative people, I found out about moleskines. Just because there were cute little notebooks with brandnames made me want to buy some. I told myself I wouldn't buy one unless I had a need; I racked my brain endlessly for days trying to find a use for these little gems of a notebook. Finally I decided on a song lyric book that I could keep in my purse and write down lyrics when I heard them. That's when I bought the small volant pack with a light blue and a dark blue. I first started writing lyrics, then drawing pictures for the lyrics and now it's basically an quote book sprinkled with art as I feel like doing it :)

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  1. What a treasure. You are really talented, Emma!

  2. you're an artist! :) i didn't know you drew! lovely post, dear, lovely post.


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