Maybe. Just Maybe.

As I've been beginning college application essays, I realize how similar blogging and those essays are. Both of them require decent english skills in order to succeed. Both encourage you to write about yourself: your life experiences, skills, attributes, rough times and thoughts. Both of them leave you sitting at your desk trying to sort through all the jumbled thoughts, ideas, and sparks that toss and turn in your brain. I've loved the concept of blogging ever since I read my first blog, but never have I been able to create the same reading experience as Carlotta does at pastorsgirlsponderings, Susannah does at (life is too short not to) wear red shoes , or what Sarah does at Thoroughly Alive, but this is a place for me to express my thoughts, and I'm not those people. Now that I think about it, I shouldn't compare myself to them for that reason. I'm just a 15 year-old who enjoys writing, but can never think of anything to write about. I hope that during the coming school year I will come to the point of posting every couple of days with a new and original idea come straight out of the inner workings of my mind, but that might not happen. We'll see what this year holds. Maybe writing all these college essays will spark my blogging spirit that I know to be inside. Maybe. Just Maybe.

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