Outtakes Day 3

Today began with the sound of latin. While I got myself ready for class I went over my latin chants so that way I would be somewhat prepared for the first day of class. Later I got to have anatomy and physiology, my *favorite* class this year. In my lab notebook I had to sketch anatomical planes and other stuffs like that and I can assure those drawings wouldn't win the preschool scribble off. Hernades (the stick figure who I use for all of my drawings) was having a bad day today. But nevertheless, I will never be an artist and that's not what God has given me a passion for. Finally after a month I had a successful fiddle lesson. Its so much different from classical music. :P My dad and I had a bet tonight that whoever got off the couch first had to go and get my computer. This battle lasted for 2 hours and involved sunscreen, phone takeage, and tv turn offs. In the end I won because my mom got sick of us and just came and tipped my dad out of his chair. Oh how I love my family. :) Now I just get to relax and listen to Parklife by Blur. 

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