Well I have been swooning over a couple of things lately and I thought I would unveil them on my birthday :)

Due to this post I have been swooning over Nick Jonas.  I know, I know....he's a Jonas brother, but his style is remarkably cocky/manly and his hair is epicly amazing.
Guys and tuxes can't go wrong..unless they don't fit :)

Such. A. Stud.
I'm swooning over this lens. I have been saving up for my summer camp and now I finally get to start saving up for my lens. :D
*Sigh of happiness*

I'm swooning over this necklace. I am a biology freak if some of you don't know and this just describes everything about me.
<3 Love! 

I'm swooning over something that I already have but that I love spelling and its a great word in hangman. It provides life and creates death. And it is deoxyriboneucleic acid :DD
Adenine, Guanine, Thymine, Cytosine <33
Last but not least I won 3rd place in Jocee's Cupcake contest with this picture :)

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Deoxyriboneucleic acids est awesome :)