Right now I am...

Right now I am…..
watching:  Erm....nothing much...
drinking:  The best kind of gatorade-lemon :)
wearing: A t-shirt and shorts... nothing very fancy :P
eating:  A milk chocolate lindt ball :)
listening:  Back in time by Pitbull. So different from everything else he's done that's why I like it so much.
avoiding: An essay I have to write by Friday :P
wishing:  To be free from knee problems soon, to be able to run and not worry, and to be able to put on a piece of clothing and be happy with how it looks.
feeling:  Excited! Once this week is done I will be done with anatomy and almost done with Latin and then my birthday is on Saturday!
missing:  The bike, the gym, the fit body I used to have and everything I used to be able to do.
thankful:  For Jesus Calling and how spot on it is at times, for my friends and family who have helped me through my knee problems, and my awesome physical therapy people :)
craving:  Hmm....some salty Mexican food which I will get on Saturday since it's Cinco de Mayo.
wondering:  What my summer will look like and how I will spend that time. 
praying:  For our Scotland trip, different people, people who don't even know I am praying for them, for me to look to God's love rather than the not-even-comparable-love that man can give.
needing:  A break from school and a time to chill and do nothing-SUMMER HERE I COME!
thinking:  About things due this week, my birthday, and the ending of school coming closer and closer.
dreaming:  About life after high school and what that will look like. Will I go on to grad school after college, will I find someone of my dreams, will my expectations of life after high school be shattered?
loving:  New lotion, my knee which is cooperating, and photography.

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  1. EMMA!!! I didn't know you had a blog! <3 new follower! :) <3


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