The Mountains of WV

While I was on my blogging break my family went to the mountains of West Virginia with my grandparents and cousins. We stayed in this beautiful house that was at least 40 minutes off the main roads. This meant that whenever you drove to or from the house you ended up with a stomach ache :P It was especially bad if you were in the process of reading a book. On that trip I read Showdown by Ted Dekker and Red by Ted Dekker. If you like sci-fi Christian fantasy I recommend recommend him completely. Anyways, on the trip we went to Greenbrier which is where the U.S. used to have their emergency bunker for congress and we toured that. It was very fascinating, but sadly they did not permit cameras. We also had an easter egg hunt for my 3 cousins and sister, all of whom are younger than me. It was lots of fun :) But I have finally edited all the photos :)
The view from the porch

Wind chimes :)

Sun flare!

One of the chandeliers at the Greenbrier

This was one of the coverings of the lightbulbs 
In WV all the flowers were about 2 weeks behind NC so they had tons of tulips

I love the color of this

Dandelions are extremely photogenic :)

Continuous shots on my Canon are amazing

In the yard of the house we were staying at was a random blue orb and it made for cool reflection photos :)

The color on this turned out epic! 

A dilapidated farmhouse

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  1. Beautiful photos! I love the dandelion one. :)


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